The Spirit Of Leadership
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Fahd bin Abdul-Aziz is a respectable name in the history of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the whole world. He has contributed to the establishment of modern Saudi Arabia. He has gained the confidence of his brother kings; he has took over Ministry of Education and Ministry of Interior; he was appointed a second representative in the reign of King Faisal and then an heir apparent with King Khaled bin Abdul-Aziz.

It is difficult to talk about the whole biography of King Fahd. It has many local, regional, and international aspects. Therefore, the title (Leadership Spirit) was chosen for the seminar and events of King Fahd's bin Abdul-Aziz history, May God have mercy on his soul, to shed light on an important part of his personality which is leadership and how he developed leadership principles since his upbringing till his accession to power.

Leadership Spirit Exhibition tries to shed light on the most important leadership landmarks which were embodied in King Fahd, its historical extension from the First and Second Saudi State and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of its founder King Abdul-Aziz, and the presence of King Fahd for more than 50 years in the political scene participating in building his state internally and promoting tis international relationship in the east and the west proceeding from his Islamic belief and awareness of the status of his country in the Arab and Muslim Worlds.