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George Washington University, the naming of the head of King Fahd Chair for Cancer Research

2017-02-10 15:33:00
George Washington University in the US announced the head of King Fahd Chair God's mercy to research the name Science cancer objects at the university; so in a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in the US capital, with the participation of Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki, Saudi Ambassador to the United States of America.


The vice president of George Washington University for Health Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Jeffrey Akman in a ceremony held on Monday evening: I am pleased to announce naming Professor Edward Seto head of the chair of King Fahd, may God have mercy on him, to cancer research objects Sciences.


He explained that the scientific and medical community puts this chair in a high degree of importance at a time when highlights the importance of scientific and medical chairs in the fields of education, medicine and in the advancement of science.


He added, "Jeffrey Akman": "We are honored today to honor the author of this generous support which made this event possible, and this generous support behind the creation of this medical chair, which is a reflection and a certificate of very successful partnership between the university and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than two decades."


He added: "We also honor today Prof. Seto, who established a solid foundation in the basic sciences for the Cancer Center at George Washington University, a center, which is making progress on an ongoing basis in the fight against cancer"; and expressed his thanks to His Highness the Ambassador for his support for the work of the university and its partnership with Saudi Arabia .


In turn, through the head of George Washington University, Steven Knapp, expressed great appreciation for the partnership with the university in Saudi Arabia, and the generous support that made the creation of this chair possible.


For his part, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at George Washington University Forest Maltzmann, was delighted to celebrate the nomination of the President of King Fahd chair, may God have mercy on him, and the start of the program work.


He said: "This is a day we celebrate the achievements of Prof. Seto, which would achieve through the King Fahd Chair"; praising the rich relations between the university and the UK and beneficial for both parties.


He explained that this relationship began in 1993 have enabled the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States for the University of Washington's cooperation with the Kingdom across nine medical research and training programs.


He added: "King Fahd has paid the relationship of this cooperation to broader horizons through his gift of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, to establish scientific chairs in college, we celebrate today the nomination of Prof. Seto president of one of them."


He pointed to the establishment of a partnership program between the University and King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh in 1993, it has been through the establishment of anti-cancer center in Riyadh; noting that this program continues its activities to the current time.


As he noted in partnership with the Cultural Mission of the Kingdom in Washington in the field of medical education for advanced students Saudis; noting that this partnership is the first of its kind for the University.


He added: "The relationship between the university and the bodies of medical and scientific institutions in the UK are very useful for both sides. Such a strategic partnership to promote and facilitate the unique knowledge and expertise exchange. The commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia scientific progress and education of its citizens is the order very well known and clear, and evidenced by our celebration today chair of King Fahd, in addition to having more than 160 Saudis studying in the university. "


He also expressed the President of King Fahd Chair Prof. Seto mercy of Allah, for "his pride for his choice to head the chair of King Fahd, who was the first Minister of Knowledge in UK; where the foundations of the education system throughout the Kingdom."


He added: "This endowment will support education and research, one of the principles which occupied a special place at the King Fahd, and I will continue to humbly serve in this area."


Recognizes Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki of the university president -khalal Alhvl- medal stop King Fahd chair; while receiving Prof. Seto medal presidency chair.


Prince Abdullah bin Faisal bin Turki, Saudi Ambassador to the United States also took part, on Monday evening, naming the prime King Fahd mercy of Allah chair for Research on Cancer objects Science in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at George Washington University in Washington, DC ceremony.


He expressed in a speech during the ceremony, expressed his pride in participating in this event among a distinguished group of employees of the University of Washington, and was pleased to be part of the celebration of the nomination of the President of King Fahd chair, God's mercy.


The ambassador said: "This event is very important for science and cancer research, and the possibility we can learn them in the Kingdom and to all humanity in general and the benefit of researchers and doctors, including also"; pointing out that King Fahd mercy of Allah work and made a lot of support in various scientific and medical fields.


He added: "There is a big effort behind the occasion today, and what has been the day is of great things, God willing, be repeated in the future", and urged the importance of supporting such research-related diseases in the UK or in the Arab region. "


He explained that King Fahd mercy of Allah was interested in education; being a key factor to promote the country to great levels, and pointing out that a promising future in the Kingdom in the field of education and research.


The ambassador, in this context, saying: "The future of education and scientific research in the UK is very promising through the attention paid by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Crown Prince and the Crown Crown education sector, which received a large share of the budget new state, which recently announced. "


He added that the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recognizes the importance of education is a key pillar in the nations and peoples of nations and progress; therefore made sure that this sector will be a priority in the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and the basic her column.

And the ambassador in this regard that sending a student to teach missions abroad was the most prominent sectors which have earned a large share of government spending; pointing out that the United States got a large share of these educational missions abroad.


In turn, the President of King Fahd mercy of Allah chair for Research on Cancer said objects Science Professor Edward Seto: It seeks to achieve two goals through activities and work of King Fahd of Allah's mercy for Cancer Research chair.


He explained in a statement to Saudi Press Agency: "This moratorium will give us the opportunity to do new scientific experiments in the fight against cancer; through research in new areas that benefit cancer patients."


He added: "I hope secondly to strengthen cooperation with the Kingdom in terms of training and also open new horizons in the areas of cooperation."


For his part, head of the Cancer Research Center at George Washington University Adoardoz Mayor, will be announced soon on the nomination of the President of the last stop of King Fahd at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences University and the designation of specialization to be addressed.


He noted in a similar statement to Saudi Press Agency that the cooperation between the George Washington University and Saudi Arabia relationship spanning many years; stressing the desire of the university to enhance cooperation with the Kingdom in the field of training of physicians. "